JOY of Yoga 500 RYT

Received 200 RYT certification in Goa, India

Studies Sivananda Lineage of Yoga Nidra

Founder of Vinyasa Beats®

Alexandra is a JOY of Yoga 500 RYT teaching out of Silicon Valley. In 2011 she received her 200 RYT certification in Goa, India. Her work is in the constant exploration and integration of the roots and traditions of yoga with contemporary living.

As a student and teacher of the Sivananda lineage of Yoga Nidra under Dr. Marc Halpern, Alexandra intends to provide a practical and accessible avenue towards profound relaxation.

Vinyasa Beats® is a result of her passion and foundation as a musician. The experience is meant to give students the opportunity to explore the teachings of yoga by connecting to their own inner wisdom via breath, movement and meditation while being synchronized to an array of electronic dance music.