Vinyasa Beats®

Music, Movement
and Mindfulness

Vinyasa is defined as linking movement with breath. Vinyasa Beats® takes that a step further and expands the breath/movement connection by synchronizing it to music. Playlists are intentionally curated to inspire a range of emotion and each class is aimed at allowing students to feel freely while giving space for those feelings to change and leading to an ultimate experience in relaxation. Expect playlists to have a crescendo and expect that crescendo to correlate with the physical practice of yoga asana.

As a devotee of electronic dance music, or EDM, each track on every playlist has a specific quality that I feel has the potential to enhance a moving practice. I am constantly seeking out new music, new artists and partnerships with DJs and producers to collaborate on special events. If you think we would make a good team, you can contact me here.

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